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Jiahua Hotel is located in the South Road of Liusha, Puning City. It is a modern time-separated hotel built with five-star standards and integrating catering, guest rooms, recreation, entertainment and business meetings.

High-end positioning, finely crafted, heavily built, and extremely luxurious, Jiahua Hotel creates a noble, elegant, comfortable and pleasant environment for guests, and strives to create the premier hall-level private club in Puning!

The hotel is equipped with luxurious rooms, Chinese and Western restaurants, large pillarless multi-functional banquet halls, KTV clubs, chess and card rooms, as well as presidential suites, business suites, private exclusive passages and other top-level configurations.

Privacy, 24-hour on duty, large underground car park with 300 parking spaces and 200 outdoor parking lots, five-star hotel standards and personalized personal butler service, creating a warm and distinguished guest Private space!

洒店设施Hotel Facilities
The hotel is equipped with deluxe rooms, Chinese and Western restaurants,
large pillarless multi-functional ballroom, KTV club, tea and chess room, large swimming pool and spa club.
More presidential suites, business suites, private exclusive channels, etc.
客房概况Rooms Overview
It is more than just space, it should be a realm. It is the glimpse of the autumn, and it is the Vientiane Xintian who is in the world!
The hotel has more than 200 sets of various rooms, luxurious and spacious, warm and comfortable.
Especially the presidential suites and business suites are built for high-level business travel.
酒店预约Room Reservation
Booking Tips
1. The above room price is only the weekday price, and the holidays are extra.
2. Two complimentary Western buffet breakfasts are served in the guest room.
3, the hotel opening hours of the room time provisions: 12:00-18:00, after 18:00 do not open the hour room.
4. The hourly room will be charged 60 yuan for each hour and more, and the calculation will be based on the full daily rent for more than four hours.
5, all major holidays do not open the hour room.
Traffic Guidelines:
Jiahua Hotel is a 10-minute drive from Puning High Speed ​​Railway Station
Jiahua Hotel is 60 minutes drive from Chaoshan Airport
The bus next to Jiahua Hotel can directly reach the bus station of Shantou Xidi Station, passing through Chendian, Simapu, Chaonan District and Chaoyang District. The drifting sands in Puning City are 400 kilometers from Guangzhou, 300 kilometers from Shenzhen, 60 kilometers from Shantou City and 40 kilometers from Jieyang City.
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