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Respect for the life, never give up, especially to yourself; The success of the reward is even more for the next summit. Or entertain at a party, or enjoy peace; Or on the peak, or knee-sucking. With the brothers, family members, and partners, it is a conversation with oneself. We carefully arrange and hold our breath, Just for the apex, like you, enjoy your own respected journey here. Jia Hua, open a door for joy!
Puning Jiahua Hotel
        Pushing open a door of joy
Jiahua Hotel, located in the south of Liusha Huancheng Road, Puning City, is a modern, fashionable and diversified hotel built according to the five-star standard, integrating catering, guest rooms, entertainment and business meetings.
The hotel is not only equipped with luxury rooms, Chinese and Western restaurants, large pillarless multi-function banquet hall, KTV club, chess and card club, but also equipped with presidential suites, business suites, private channels and other configurations.
Privacy protection, 24-hour duty, large underground parking lots with 300 parking spaces and 200 outdoor parking lots, quasi-five-star hotel standard and personalized private butler service create a warm and noble private space for guests!

Think what you think and rest assured.

The Housekeeping Department will carry out the ladder upgrade on January 1, 2023!

The KTV Club will be fully upgraded on January 1, 2023! The newly launched "European style" professional audio room, equipped with advanced audio, panoramic windows, and professional customized DJ party, allows you to experience a different audio-visual feast. Welcome old and new friends to visit.

Address: South China Road, Liusha, Puning City, Guangdong Province, China
Zip code: 515300
Switchboard number: 0663-2799999
Fax: 0663-2799998
E-mail: jiahua@jiahuahotel.net
Website: www.jiahuahotel.net

Jiahua Hotel is a 10-minute drive from Puning High Speed Railway Station
Jiahua Hotel is a 60-minute drive from Chaoshan Airport

The bus next to Jiahua Hotel can directly reach the bus station of Shantou Xidi Station, passing through Chendian, Simapu, Chaonan District, Chaoyang District
The drifting urban area of Puning is 360 kilometers from Guangzhou, 300 kilometers from Shenzhen, 60 kilometers from Shantou City and 40 kilometers from Jieyang City.