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人才理念Talent Concept

Human resources are the company's first resource. The company adheres to the talent concept of “people-oriented, cherish talents and care for employees”, respects and protects the legitimate rights and interests of employees, provides employees with a fair, just and harmonious working environment, a stage for talents, opportunities for learning and training, and career development channels. Good salary and benefits. Build a harmonious labor relationship, let the company continue and develop healthily, and let employees grow together with the company. Achieve shareholder value-added, enterprise efficiency, and employee income.

The company attaches great importance to the health and life of employees, and benefits the company's business development results to the employees, creates a healthy and up-to-date living atmosphere, and constantly creates conditions for protecting employees' health and enriching employees' amateur cultural life. .

薪酬与福利Salary and Benefits

The company's business success depends on the contribution of each employee, and our benefit plan will help drive employee contributions through a growing range of welfare programs. Meet the needs of employees to ensure that employees are more focused on their work. Our benefit plans vary by region, including but not limited to:

培训与发展Training and Development

The company adheres to the strategy of “strengthening talents” and attaches great importance to education and training. Established a staff grading, sub-professional training system, innovative training development concepts and working mechanisms, building a learning enterprise, creating a learning team, cultivating and cultivating a talented team with optimized structure, first-class quality and innovation, and providing sustainable and healthy development for the company. Talent support.

Put quality education and ability training in the first place, focus on solving the hot issues that are difficult to produce in production, highlight key positions and core talents, and pay attention to the combination of theory and practice. Improve the professionalism and competence of employees and promote the healthy growth of employees.

In the development process of the company, according to the needs of the company's business development, through internal education training, external recruitment and introduction, continuously optimize the age, professional and academic structure of the staff, and strive to build a A team of managers with international vision and modern enterprise management capabilities, a team of technical experts who have mastered the core of the industry and cutting-edge technology, strong R&D and innovation capabilities, and a highly skilled and skilled technical and operational skills. team of genius. A large number of outstanding talents with good quality, strong ability and outstanding performance stand out.